The result of the cutting will depend on the original audio quality of your file.
Blank records are optimised to have the same long life as pressed records.

Here are some useful informations to optimise your traks:

-The sampling frequency has to be the same for all the tracks (44,1 Khz, 48 Khz...),
-Try to meet the 0 dB, even -0.5 dB and avoid high distortions because these cause bigger distortions amplified by cutting,
-Check right / left balance,
-Check with care the high frequencies and voices that are inclined to saturate and get distorted above 16Khz. You can use a de- esser in order to reduce sibilant sounds, the "s" of trebles or human voices,
-Avoid important compression,
-The level of your songs has nothing to do with the volume of the cut record; shorter the side is, higher is the volume and more amplified and dynamic the sounds are. Advised timing for each side depends on the format of the record and the speed of the cutting.

Best compromising between format / timing per side / speed are explained below:
12" (30 cm)
10" (25 cm)
7" (17.5 cm)
33 RPM
45 RPM
33 RPM
45 RPM
33 RPM
45 RPM
advised timing
per side
12 min
9 min
9 min
6 min
5 min
3 min
max timing per side
22 min
12 min
15 min
9 min
7 min
5 min

-Leave 2 seconds of blank at the beginning and at the end of each song.
-Try to give the first position on each side for tracks using the most high frequencies (there are less high frequencies at the end of the record).
-Give a name to your tracks according to the place they will have on the records. For instance: A1 for the 1st track of the A side, A2 for the second track of the A side... B1 for the 1st track of the B side...
-Send your tracks on CD (slowest speed of CD cutting) or through internet under WAV, AIF, FLAC, OGG & MP3 formats.

The signals of your files are checked and may be lightly corrected to optimise the result. We use many devices to improve the sounds (Drawmer deesser, TC Electronic equalizer...). If we have any doubt about the sounds quality, we will contact you.
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